Current roles

For 15 years Riccarda has held executive roles in large organizations such as Intesa SanPaolo, Microsoft, Nokia and Pirelli across Europe.

In 2012, she founded Piano C – an exclusive co-working concept that explores new organisational models through diversity. In 2012, Piano C won the first prize as “Best social innovator in Europe”, awarded by the European Investment Bank.   

Today she is the CEO of Life Based Value, an innovative firm founded in October 2015, offering 'MAAM', an innovative award-winning digital and life-based training program that harnesses and recognizes parenting skills in business. For the first time, MAAM leverages the 'soft' skills people develop as parents, such as empathy, creativity, communication, managing time effectively and leadership. The program also enables businesses to capitalize on the energy and strength that people gain when becoming parents.

Since launching at the end of 2015, MAAM has reached over 35 firms in Italy (80% of which are global) and is being piloted in 23 countries and 218 cities across the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Over 3,500 people have participated, including 800 fathers, and results indicate the program can improve skills by up to 35%.

Ashoka, which Forbes magazine described as one of the world's five most influential innovators, nominated Riccarda Zezza Ashoka Fellow because of the MAAM programme.

Riccarda's work and mission were recognized recently in a paper called 'The skilling challenge', co-produced by Ashoka and management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. The paper explores how automation and digital technologies will take over many jobs but create new ones which require lifelong reskilling.

 Riccarda is also Member ad honorem of Cesvi, President of Piano C, Advisory Board Member of SmartPlan, an exclusive international business community of impact makers.

 She is passionate about finding unexpected links between daily concepts, has two children and lives in Milan.