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the community Committed to ACHIEVING more - Together - through networkingeducation, inspiration, and opportunity.


How to make an impact and be successful in working together with others to shape the future? A colleague once offered to me (quoting someone): “Be yourself, be yourself more, be yourself more professionally.”
It deeply resonated with me. Being successful together is about being authentic and empathetic as we relate to one another. We can become outstanding teams only if we build trust.
Successfully making an impact is also about being professional, having skills and expertise and proven leadership that we can bring to the table. It’s also about being somebody with a growth mindset and energy who sees chances and sustainability in our future.
So to those who have that drive and are workers and leaders, individuals and team players, and authentic people (and still have a life) and who don’t find all of that a contradiction: that what the idea is behind #SmartPlan. Let’s multiply the power, talk, listening and working together on our leadership skills and networking plans to make an even bigger impact on our future, together.
— Eric Schuh, Global Head P&C Solutions, SwissRe

I had been so busy focusing on my career that I hadn’t noticed my professional relationships slipping away. After joining #SmartPlan, I learned how to easily create value for others and, in doing so, re-build my relationships. My network is now stronger than ever.
— Lisa C., Entrepreneur

Ancient Greeks had the Agorà, a gathering place at the heart of a community where citizens could come together to discuss politics and sport, philosophy and art. Where is our modern gathering space, where we can share important conversations with other great minds and develop ourselves both personally and professionally? Here, in the #SmartPlan community. Thanks to the number and quality of participants, to the different backgrounds and motivations, we finally have created a modern-day Agorà where we can grow and stretch ourselves to reach new achievements well beyond what we could have done alone.
— Nico Congedi, Executive Director, Senior Client Advisor, UBS

Membership FAQs

What are the Membership Criteria?

  • At least five years' experience in senior leadership roles OR have created your own successful business.
  • Your work (or your future work goals) positively and systematically impact our society.
  • You're looking to both give value and receive value from the community.



Membership fees are billed on an annual basis. The cost is CHF 400 incl. VAT. 



Professionals and entrepreneurs interested in joining #SmartPlan are asked to fill in the form above and add material (LinkedIn profile, videos of presentations, etc) they think might be useful for the profiling phase. Once the form is submitted, the #SmartPlan team will assess the application, looking at the core skills and expertise of the candidate as benchmarked with current members, in order to assess synergies and mutual value. Assessments will be given within 3-5 business days and successful applicants will receive their first newsletter with information on upcoming events and content from previous events and trainings themes.


Who Can join the #smartplan community?

Forget old school hierarchies and titles, we're passionate about smart minds and great ideas.  From large corporations to start-ups, from one-person businesses to writers, professors and creatives. Baby boomers, xennials, or millennials, we are fans of life experiences, reverse mentoring and cross-generational knowledge exchange.


What does Membership include?

Membership fees include:  An exclusive pathway to a valuable network via optimized personal introductions; Access to the exclusive content of our C-Suite level trainings and events; A discounted rate to attend all our events and co-creation mornings.


Can a busy person like me still benefit from membership?

#SmartPlan was designed for people just like you. Our networking events are strategically pre-planned to maximize the value of the connections you make. Our events are designed to deliver maximum value in a minimum amount of time. Investing just a few strategic hours per quarter with #SmartPlan is an investment in your future. 



Of course we do. Please read through our Event Policy before you make a booking. 



The policies are an easy read and we have them ready for you here.