Our relationships are built to last.

The community of #SmartPlan is built around the idea that, together, we can create a greater impact on the world than we ever could have alone. We believe the best way to create impact is through our genuine connections with each other. The #SmartPlan community is different from other networks because we focus on long-term success and building deeper business “friendships” that withstand any single transaction. We are a trusting, collaborative, and generous environment where your fellow community members actively give you support in achieving your impact.


What makes us different


A hand-curated network

Our network is a mixture of successful impact-makers, each bringing a unique contribution and value to the community. Strategic introductions ensure mutually beneficial and valuable relationships for every member. #valuecreators

Professional development that’s worth your time

We host events featuring world-renowned experts on the latest sought-after skills such as charisma, emotional intelligence in business and personal brand, combined with cutting-edge insights on future technologies.


We meet in real life. We shake hands. In a world that's increasingly digital, we bring relationships and networks back to reality. We support physical meetings, exchanges and personal introductions. 

#SmartPlan Has Members Joining From Industries Such As


 Banking       Tech       consumer goods       Education       Insurance


and more.

We believe in the power of small, meaningful networks

The #SmartPlan community brings together an elite group of successful professionals to increase the value we bring to each other...  and increase the impact we have on the world.

How many people you know, or even how important they are, is not nearly as crucial as how well you know them. I define someone as being part of my network if they will return my email or telephone call. How many people is that for you?
— Prof. Heather McGregor - Mrs Moneypenny, Financial Times