Frequently Asked Questions

What IS #SmartPlan?

Our #SmartPlan community brings together an elite group of diverse, successful professionals to increase the value we bring to each other and increase the impact we have on the world.

Our mission is to accelerate the success of impact-makers by cultivating an inspiring and valuable in-person network while providing high-impact training on the latest sought-after skills, such as charisma and self-brand. 

why was #smartplan created?

#SmartPlan was born from the belief that our professional lives are based on three key pillars: education, experience and network. While we dedicate an incredible amount of time to the first two pillars, we often leave the strength of our networks to chance, luck, spare moments and social media platforms. Yet, research suggests that almost 90% of roles and business partnerships leverage personal relationships. #SmartPlan helps professionals and entrepreneurs build on this, creating and maintaining small powerful networks that can make a difference for your personal situation, in a structured way. I believe that it is as much what you know and who you know. Another key element of SmartPlan is the focus on personal growth: from self-branding to increased charisma to acquisition of new core skills as we go by in our lives and careers. Improving our "soft skills" is something that is often pushed aside in our busy days, yet, in our fast-paced world, it is fundamental to keep improving those key strengths that allow us to stay ahead in business and lead successful, fulfilled lives.  

who benefits from #Smartplan?

Entrepreneurs, corporate workers, professionals, skilled expats, as well as the so-called “spouses” who often leave behind amazing careers and passions to follow their partners to Switzerland and, once here, struggle to put their skills to good use.

How is #smartplan different from joining other networks?

We differ from other associations and networks as our audience is international and diverse, we cut across old school hierarchies and titles, we`re passionate about smart minds and great ideas.  We choose members who create value, who make an impact on others and on the world. We are fans of life experiences, reverse mentoring and cross-generational knowledge exchange. Successful applicants normally have at least five years`experience in senior leadership roles,  have created their own successful business, or impact positively and systematically our society.

How Are #Smartplan Members Selected?

Forget old school hierarchies and titles, we're passionate about smart minds and great ideas.  We simply want to know: How do you create value and what is your impact on others / on the world? Our members join us from all stages of their careers: whether you are an entrepreneur, work in a corporation, are retired, just graduated, are taking a career break, we believe in your value. Your contribution to the network will be as unique as you are. Members are selected based on their success in making an impact, not on their CV or current employment stats.

How do I apply to become a member?

We are thrilled to hear you're interested in joining our community of professional women and men accelerating their success and impact. To become a member, you'll have to apply to join here .

how does the application process work?

Professionals and entrepreneurs interested in joining #SmartPlan are asked to fill in this form and add material (LinkedIn profile, videos of presentations, etc) they think might be useful for the profiing phase. Once the form is submitted, the #SmartPlan team will assess the application, looking at the core skills and expertise of the candidate as benchmarked with current members, in order to assess synergies and mutual value. Assessments will be given within 3-5 business days and successful applicants will receive their first newsletter with information on upcoming events and content from previous events and trainings themes

What does the membership include?

Membership includes: An exclusive pathway to a valuable network via optimized personal introductions; Access to the exclusive content of our C-Suite level trainings and events; A discounted rate to attend all our events and co-creation mornings.

how much does it cost to become a member?

Membership fees are billed on an annual basis. The cost is CHF 400 incl. VAT. 

How do i register to attend an event?

You can register for any event by clicking on the event page itself and selecting the "Register" button. To view our upcoming events, visit our event calendar.

Can non-members attend an event?

A few selected events are open to non-members. If non-members are welcomed, this will be noted on the event page itself.

What are your Policies for a Membership with #SmartPlan?

The policies are an easy read and we have them ready for you here.

Do you have Policies for your Events?

Of course we do. Please read through our Event Policy before you make a booking. 


Simply send us a quick email here

Where Are #SmartEvents Held?

All of our events currently take place in Zurich, Switzerland. Stay tuned for more locations (Milan, London, Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt) and let us know where in the world you would like to see us.  You can contact us at

I’m interested in partnering with #SmartPlan.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with us. Please contact to discuss partnership opportunities.

Who are your current partners?

You can learn more about our current partners here.

I’m interested in interviewing someone / writing an article about #SmartPlan.

Thanks for your interest in our team. You can find our press release here, for all other press inquiries, please contact