Designed for Maximum Impact

Members-only #SmartNetworking Events

#SmartPlan is designed to facilitate building a valuable, strategic local network for every member. We offer personalised introductions with selected guests and members ahead of our events and facilitate strategic networking opportunities. Our most sought-after event streams include:

  • Smart Talks on Future Tech: trending future tech themes that will shape our lives and influence us today.

  • Smart Talks on Future Work and Intangible Assets: high-impact training and fresh insights into the latest sought-after skills by world-famous speakers and coaches.





High-Impact, effective tALKS

World-renowned experts lead effective trainings on the latest sought-after skills, allowing you to thrive and stay ahead in a changing business world.  Featured topics to include: 

  • Learning Charisma

  • "Cognitive gears" shifting for increased core well-being

  • Self-confidence & self-brand

  • Becoming a change-maker

  • Leveraging the power of personal networks

  • Mindfulness, breakthroughs and creativity

  • Emotional intelligence in business

  • The art of story-telling

  • Cognitive behaviours, re-skilling & leadership

Future-tech and STRATEGIC networking.

Each event highlights a specific theme around future tech that is relevant to different audiences with similar interests and synergies. Themes will include:

  • Self-driving and flying cars

  • Big data and AI

  • Space tech

  • Food tech

  • Personalised medicine

  • Genes editing

  • Clean tech

  • Smart states

  • Bio tech

  • Health tech

  • Blockchain

What impact do we have on our future and how will it affect us? Join our events to stay ahead of world tech developments and meet high profile personalities from business and politics, as well as the most promising and disrupting FutureTech founders and innovative startups. 




Credits: SohoHouse

Credits: SohoHouse

Credits: Spaces

Credits: Spaces

Co-working to network, exchange ideas, co-create and be inspired.

From 9am to 12pm every* Tuesday morning, join our hub to meet peers over coffee at a central location in the heart of Zurich. Be inspired by the new location, new conversations, new ideas, and new contacts you'll meet.

*Reservation required. please email info@smart-plan.org

A networking opportunity before the workday begins

Invitation only, held monthly at a private members club. Restricted to maximum eight guests including media, financial services, tech leading professionals and entrepreneurs

To find out more and apply please email info@smart-plan.org


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WHERE Are #SmartEvents Held?

All of our events currently take place in Zurich, Switzerland. Stay tuned for more locations (Milan, London, Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt) and let us know where in the world you would like to see us.

Photo Credits: TedX, Spaces Zurich, Soho House London.



We offer various tailored sponsorship packages for all our events. To find out more please email: info@smart-plan.org

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