#SmartPlan's exclusive series: FutureTech Smart Talks

Tuesday, 3.7.2018 - Tesla Zürich 

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Driving sustainable innovation

Tesla, Daedalean, SWISS RE


Increasingly leading disruptors are accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, offering safe and fast integrated energy solutions. From self-driving technologies to AI-based autopilots for flying human drones that rely on improved battery densities, making flying cars a reality by 2025

How will self-driving cars and urban air travel revolutionize our lives? The future is here, and times are changing rapidly. Technologies improve year on year. How will insurers embrace a new way of assessing risk? Join Tesla, Daedalean and SwissRe at our FutureTech SmartTalks series and learn more about what these incredible disruptors and leading players have planned for our near future.

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Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better.
From electric cars to solar powered home batteries, Tesla tirelessly throws itself, and his company, into new endeavors.

With Tesla building its most affordable car yet, Tesla continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people, ultimately accelerating the advent of clean transport and clean energy production.
Electric cars, batteries, and renewable energy generation and storage already exist independently, but when combined, they become even more powerful – that’s the future we want.



Yes – you heard right! Flying cars. So far only cartoonists and screenwriters dared to think about flying cars. With improved battery densities however, electric flight is becoming feasible and flying cars a reality. The future is here.

Daedalean’s autopilot system will be able to fly, navigate and make autonomous decisions by exercising full control of the aircraft, situational awareness and interaction with the air traffic control, other aircraft and passengers. See some of Daedalean’s latest prototypes and learn more about how they want to revolutionize urban air travel before 2025 at our event.
David Haber is Daedalean’s Head of Deep Learning, where he leads the development of machine intelligence for the company’s autopilot software. His work focuses on building a rich understanding of the aircraft’s environment for obstacle avoidance, take-offs, landings, and emergency situations. Previously, David co-founded Cognitir, a global technology training company, and worked with several large and small companies. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a focus on AI & Robotics from Imperial College London.




Swiss Re is accelerating the transition within the insurance industry by introducing insurance solutions that take into account Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), that are necessary for car-sharing concepts, and that allow societies to adopt Autonomous Vehicles.

Insurers face difficulties when exposed to new products because there are no accident statistics yet.
For instance, it would take years before risk assessments and thus pricing reflect the actual risk of a car with ADAS.

The problem is that times are changing rapidly. And technologies keep improving year on year.
Therefore insurers will need to embrace a new way of assessing and underwriting risk.

With its solutions and willingness to reinsure innovations, Swiss Re enables the sector to do exactly that.
By doing so, we help societies adopting new technologies. Together, we make the world more resilient.

Photo by  Matt Henry  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matt Henry on Unsplash

Get into the driver’s seat

This is a chance not to miss: Test-drive the Tesla Model S or Model X and take it for a
spin around the city. We’ll be hosting this unique event at the Tesla Store in the middle of Zurich’s financial district.

Sign up for a test-drive after our event and experience the renowned Tesla technology first hand.
Use this opportunity to win a Tesla car for the weekend. Take part at the competition during our event.

Exclusive Wine TAsting

Driven by their involvement with the family winery in the south of France and their own “consumer” desire to find great wines at value for money prices, Tristan Mawdsley and his wife established Vinique in 2009 as a specialist importer of very unusual, organic, artisanal, discovery wines into Switzerland.

We are delighted to have Tristan at our exclusive event to have our valued members enjoy some of his unique wine selection whilst networking. Vinique is looking forward to meeting you at their wine-tasting.




Opening Remarks
Manuela Andaloro - Founder of #SmartPlAN
Hannah wise, moderator

18.05 – 18.15
driving sustainable energy  
Lee Köppel - Tesla

18.15 – 18.25
the future of autonomous flying cars
David Haber - Daedalean

18.25 – 18.35
Preparing the insurance industry for the tech revolution
Sebastiaan Bongers and Eric Schuh - Swiss Re

18.35 - 18.45

18.45 - 18.50
Closing remarks & Tesla Raffle

18.50 - 20.00
networking, wine tasting & test DRIVE

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Manuela Andaloro

CEO | founder #SmartPlan


Lee Köppel.png

Lee Köppel

Sales Advisor Tesla Zürich


David Haber.png

David Haber

Daedalean’s Head of Deep Learning


Sebastiaan Bongers.png

Sebastiaan Bongers

Head of Strategy, Products & Technology, SwissRe


Eric Schuh.png

Eric Schuh

Global Head P&C Solutions, Managing Director, SwissRe




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